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Happy Jesusrising

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Apr. 12th, 2009 | 09:19 am

I've had two songs stuck in my head: "Looking Out My Back Door" or whatever that Credence song is called (because of Big Lebowski) and "Tombstone" by Crowded House (because of Jesus).  The refrain of the latter song goes "Roll back the tombstone / Let the saints appear" and is one of my favorite songs.   The other song's refrain goes like this: "Look look look looking out my back door" and says something about tambourines and elephants.

In short, I'm flying high. 

Cavs on Wednesday.  Decisions also.  This is a big week. 

The Mill was phenomenal.  I thank all of you who were able to come to the Release Party, and love to all of you who have expressed your support.  I am so proud of The Mill.  And of Joanna, because--honestly--she worked at least as hard, as long, and as lovingly on it as I did.  She's also an incredible editor.  I am madly in love with her, in case you hadn't guessed.  And being there, with all those people, just made me so elated, especially since people like Marissa and my friend John, who have big people jobs in the big people world, took time out of that to show how much they care.  I was so touched.  The Mill was and is, without a doubt, the best thing about my undergraduate life.

I gotta go.  Easter service in 10.

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from: arbophile
date: Apr. 14th, 2009 02:34 am (UTC)

My brother and Joanna plotted it out about two months ago. So we got on it early. That's the only way to do it these days, I'm afraid.

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