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Feb. 21st, 2009 | 06:22 pm

On Thursday we workshopped the first part of my novella.  Everybody was confused, but that's good, because now I know how silly my prose can be if I'm not careful.  Dan Hoyt and I had a great talk about the difference between poetry and prose.  He just sent me a really long e-mail (which, for Dan Hoyt, is some sort of achievement) in which he reiterated how confused everyone was and how I need to focus on prose rather than poetry.

Interestingly, I have been writing some poetry today for the first  time in weeks.  I wrote three haikus during the last performance for Dance Concert (my fear can rest easy now), and I worked a bit on a poem I started a long time ago, but it remains unfinished.  One of the haikus was about the sweatshirt I am wearing, Sweatshirts (my brother's band), flower pots, and monks, all linked together in about 17 or 18 syllables.  Another was about scrambled eggs and a yellow dress (things I relate with Joanna, even though I've never seen her wear a yellow dress).  Another sucked.  This sudden burst of haikuing stemmed from this book I read while waiting for the Dance Concert to start that was talking about the layers in a Matsuo Basho haiku.  It was great; I almost stole it from the Green Room library in Kleist.  I still may . . . .

Joanna is in Greek Sing, which I'm going to see.  She says I'll hate it.  Maybe I will, but I get to see the little vixen on stage, so I could care less what I think of the rest of it.

I would be in The Mill office, but I forgot my key.  So I'm in the Cyber Cafe, which apparently--I hear--used to be a bowling alley.  Oh, how I wish it still was. 

Oh yes!!  I almost forgot.  I can hear again out of my left ear.  Yay!!!!  Some brown goop of earwax all came tubling out of my ear.  Yuck!!!

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