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Nobody Likes Me

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Mar. 2nd, 2009 | 09:57 pm
mood: bitchybitchy

For some reason, no one, not even spam, has e-mailed me at my gmail account.  This is probably because no one, not even spam, knows what my address is since I created it about a week ago, and I've only used it once.  However, many people know my B-W e-mail address, and the people who have e-mailed me in the last couple days have been: regular daily e-mails that get sent to everyone, one Dan Hoyt class e-mail, and several e-mails from myself.  That's right; I'm so pathetic I have to e-mail myself.

I'm still not going to tell anyone my gmail account.  What fun is a secret if you tell someone?  And what fun is bitching and moaning if you know somebody's going to send you a pity e-mail? (You would, right?)

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